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Go to documents related to foresight and participatory simulation


As these documents will be useful for your participation, we strongly suggest that you read or look at some of them before you participate.  It is probably better to choose documents about areas with which you are less familiar than those on topics about which you already know.

Documents about the Mediterranean, oceans and climate change

This page contains documents related to the themes of the International School - essentially, oceans, the Mediterranean and climate change.  It also contains a section on the important area of geoethics.  Docs can be of any kind: links, articles, videos (at the end), etc.

Most of the written docs are pdf files and should download directly.  Video links take you to the web page where the link to watch is located.  You are encouraged to read or look at some of the documents below before arriving at the International School.  

If you would like to add a doc, please write to us (email address below) with the link only; do not send the actual document.  If you are author of a doc, please mention this.  Before sending, please check to see whether the doc is not already below.

Docs about oceans, the Mediterranean and climate change are below.

Docs about foresight and participatory simulation are in a sub-page.



Text documents  (videos are below)



Keywords are highlighted in bold, except for most instances of 'climate', 'oceans' and 'Mediterranean', and with which most documents are concerned.

Anthropogenic climate change over the Mediterranean region simulated by a global variable resolution model:Two 30-year simulations corresponding to 1960–1989 and 2070–2099 have been performed with a variable resolution atmospheric model.

​Blue Acceleration: our dash for ocean resources mirrors what we’ve already done to the land


Building confidence in projections of the responses of living marine resources to climate change - ICES Journal of Marine Science


Circulation of a novel strain of dolphin morbillivirus (DMV) in stranded cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea


Climate apartheid will only lead to more tragedies in the Mediterranean


Climate Change and Energy in the Mediterranean - Plan Bleu

Climate change and non-stationary population processes in fisheries management

Climate Change and Water UN-Water Policy Brief

Climate change in the Mediterranean


Climate change over the Mediterranean and current destruction of marine ecosystem

The climate change signal in the Mediterranean Sea in a regionally coupled ocean-atmosphere model

Coastal heritage, global climate change, public engagement, and citizen science


A Common Approach to the Conservation of Threatened Island Vascular Plants: First Results in the Mediterranean Basin

Connecting Global Priorities: Biodiversity and Human Health

Decadal acidification in Atlantic and Mediterranean water masses exchanging at the Strait of Gibraltar

Disrupting data sharing for a healthier ocean

Ecosystem-Based Integrated Ocean Management: A Framework for Sustainable Ocean Economy Development

Empirical evidence for different cognitive effects in explaining the attribution of marine range shifts to climate change - ICES Journal of Marine Science

Elevating Moutains In The Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

Extreme Floods in Small Mediterranean Catchments: Long-Term Response to Climate Variability and Change

Fishing impacts on benthic ecosystems: an introduction to the 2014 ICES symposium special issue

FMES (Fondat° Médit° Etudes Strat°): Jean-Marc Jancovici - Réchauffement climatique et enjeux sécuritaires

Functional diversity of marine megafauna in the Anthropocene

The Future of Food from the Sea

The future of the Mediterranean Sea Ecosystem ...

Future scenarios of marine resources and ecosystem conditions in the Eastern Mediterranean under the impacts of fishing, alien species and sea warming

Global ensemble projections reveal trophic amplification of ocean biomass declines with climate change

Greek Island to Be First in Mediterranean to Power Itself With Only Wind and Solar

Historical changes of the Mediterranean Sea ecosystem: modelling the role and impact of primary productivity and fisheries changes over time

Holocene forest dynamics in central and western Mediterranean: Periodicity, spatio-temporal patterns and climate influence

A human-environmental network model for assessing coastal mitigation decisions informed by imperfect climate studies

​​Impacts of climate change on the public health of the Mediterranean Basin population

Impacts of climate change on the public health of the Mediterranean Basin population-Current situation, projections, preparedness and adaptation

Impact of Cruise Activity on Freshwater Use in the Port of Palma (Mallorca, Spain)

Implications of fisheries impacts to seabed biodiversity and ecosystem-based management

Integrating oceans into climate policy: Any green new deal needs a splash of blue

Italy sees 57% drop in olive harvest as result of climate change, scientist says

Jancovici : La méditerranée à l'heure du défi énergie/climat - FMES Toulon - 05/03/2020

Conference Jancovici FMES Toulon - 5 mars 2020

Le littoral dans le contexte du changement climatique (by Observatoire national sur les effets du réchauffement climatique)


Marine science within a net-zero emission statutory framework


Mediterranean is warming up faster than the rest of the planet, report warns

Some 500 million people are at risk of drought, lack of freshwater and food shortages if no action is taken

The Mediterranean region under climate change

The Mediterranean Region under Climate Change


The Mediterranean Region under Climate Change. A Scientific Update: Abridged English/French Version


The Mediterranean Sea Biodiversity - Rac spa

Mediterranean Scientopolitics

La Méditerranée se réchauffe 20 % plus vite que le reste du globe

Mercury concentrations in biota in the Mediterranean Sea, a compilation of 40 years of surveys

Multidisciplinary perspectives on the history of human interactions with life in the ocean - ICES Journal of Marine Science


Native plants for greening Mediterranean agroecosystems

​​'Nature is taking back Venice': wildlife returns to tourist-free city

A new dynamical systems perspective on atmospheric predictability: Eastern Mediterranean weather regimes as a case study

New Evidence of Mediterranean Climate Change and Variability from Sea Surface Temperature Observations

The ocean’s movescape: fisheries management in the bio-logging decade (2018–2028)

Preliminary MedECC assessment of risks associated to climate and environmental changes in the Mediterranean Region

Resilience and regime shifts in a marine biodiversity hotspot

Seafloor microplastic hotspots controlled by deep-sea circulation

Scientists’ warning on affluence

Sources of mercury in deep-sea sediments of the Mediterranean Sea as revealed by mercury stable isotopes

The spatial structure of Phanerozoic marine animal diversity

Towards sustainable European seaweed value chains: a triple P perspective


Uncertainties in projecting climate-change impacts in marine ecosystems


The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, 2021-2030

The United Nations world water development report 2020: water and climate change

The Value of Seagrasses to the Environment and to People


Why Is the Mediterranean a Climate Change Hot Spot? - Journal of Climate


Why the Mediterranean is a climate change hotspot -

WMO Statement on the State of the Global Climate in 2019



Cape Town Statement on Geoethics

Cape Town Statement on Geoethics in 35 languages

Ethical recommendations for ocean observation

Exploring Geoethics: Ethical Implications, Societal Contexts, and Professional Obligations of the Geosciences

The Meaning of Geoethics


BBC Documentary 2017 Ocean Acidification, The Biggest Threat to Our Oceans?

Climate Change and the End of the Bronze Age in the Mediterranean

Consequences of living and breathing in the Mediterranean

EGU GIFT2017: Tectonics of the Mediterranean Sea and subduction of the African plate

Lands of Two Seasons: The World's Mediterranean-Climate Ecosystems

Mediterranean-Climate Ecosystems: Oceans and Mediterranean Climate

Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas as nature-based solutions to climate change

Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas as nature-based solutions to climate change

Mediterranean - Secrets of World Climate

No escaping from air pollution and climate change in the Mediterranean

Ocean & Climate

Pomona College: Implementing Adaptation for Resilient Mediterranean-climate Regions

Presentation of the 1st scientific report climate and environmental change in the Mediterranean


​​Shaping Life: The Geology of Mediterranean-Climate Ecosystems

The Mediterranean Hotspot: From knowledge to action to preserve its biodiversity

This is the most over-fished sea in the world | The Economist


Films that we could not put in our YouTube channel

Health & climate:


Activities (online, games, etc)

Ocean Explorer.  Take a journey into the Earth's oceans and discover whether you have got what it takes to become an oceanographer.  Explore ocean depths, currents, temperatures and find out more about the future of our oceans.  (By The Open University.)

Scientific websites

Climate Feedback is a worldwide network of scientists sorting fact from fiction in climate change media coverage. Our goal is to help readers know which news to trust.

Climate Science Watch helps promote the proper use of climate science in the government and ensure that faulty theories and information are discredited and removed. Their useful analysis of different journals, looking at things such as CO2, is particularly useful.

DeSmogBlog is focused on removing the corporate public relations influence on climate change reporting and providing objective news for a more informed public.

Global Warming is Real posts different articles pertaining to the argument that global warming is indeed real and should be taken very seriously. The site breaks topics down into areas such as climate, energy, sustainability, commentary, and more.

IAPG - Geoethics - The International Association for Promoting Geoethics (IAPG) is a multidisciplinary, scientific platform for widening the discussion and creating awareness about problems of Geoethics and Ethics applied to the Geosciences.

Inside Climate News highlights all the most important news articles pertaining to stabilizing the environment and also underlining important climate issues around the globe.

IPCC - The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is the United Nations body for assessing the science related to climate change.

Learning Sustainability - Special issue of a SpringerNature journal related to key issues raised in the training; deadlines will expire at some point during 2020.


Real Climate provides climate change news and information from climate scientists. This ensures that the information is accredited and worthwhile for readers.

Skeptical Science looks at those climate change skeptics and outlines how their logic is flawed and why it is dangerous to believe what they’re saying.


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