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Application, Admission


Please follow the sequence of steps below:


  • Read all pages in this web site and make sure that you have understood everything.  If you have questions, please send us email oceans.climate at gmail.  Please make sure that an answer to your question is not already somewhere on the web site.

    • (You have a search box in the footer, but it does not seem to work very well.  You can also use google advanced search and include your search term as well as 'site:'.)


  • Carefully read the 'Note about commitment' (below), and decide how you stand in regard to that.

  • Fill out and send the application form (see below); you will receive an automatic email acknowledgement.

  • Wait until your application has been accepted, that is, until you have been officially admitted into the school.  You will get an email notifying you and telling you what to do next, which basically is to register/pay.

  • Register for the School  and pay the full amount; you will be able to pay on line. 

If you have any questions, please drop a short email note to oceans.climate at gmail dot com.

Note about commitment

Because the learning will take place collectively, along with other participants, your presence throughout the School is crucial.  In other words, your contribution to the School and to other participants' learning is vital, and so we require that participants be present and engage from start to finish for the whole School.  Also, in order to obtain your certificate, you will need to be present and active for the whole School.

Thus, in the application form, we invite you to make a statement or promise or commitment that provides the right reassurance that you will be present and contribute right from the start until the very end.  Remember that this promise is towards everyone in the School, as well as to yourself and the facilitators.

  • If, for example, you are thinking that you might take part for a few hours, then disappear for a day and then return at the end, it would be better not to apply.  If you are entertaining the idea of slipping in and out, as the fancy takes you, then please do not apply.  If you think that you will join us for 90% of the School and then drop out towards the end, we advise you not to apply.  Any of the above is unfair on other participants.

    • ​However, if your internet connection breaks down and does not come up again, or if you suddenly become ill, or you are the victim of some other 'act of god', we will of course understand - as long as you let us know later what the problem was.  However, you will still not get your certificate.

Application form

In order to attend the summer school, you need to apply and be admitted.

Click here for the application form; it will open in a new browser tab.

You will be able to pay after your application has been accepted.  You will get further instructions on how to do this with your letter of acceptance.   If you do not wish to apply now, but you would like to show interest and to be kept informed, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.  However, please note that, once the school is full, no more applications will be accepted.


Admission to the summer school will be based on the quality of applications.  You are advised to apply early.  Qualified applicants will be notified of whether or not they are admitted, soon after we receive applications - normally within 10 working days.  The earlier you apply, the greater the chance of being admitted.

Please remember that each session will accommodate up to twenty participants.  This means that you should apply as early as possible.

If you do not wish to apply at this time,

but you would like to show your interest

and to be kept informed of devlopments,

please fill in (or out) this form.


You will get email only when we have something important to announce - in other words, very little email.  We will not share your data.

Thank you for letting us know.

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