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Payment / Registration, Attendance, Certificate

Payment / Registration
  • After your application has been accepted and you have been been admitted to the School, you will receive an email notifying you of this.

  • Your email notification of acceptance will contain a URL (web link).  When you click on the link in the email, it will take you to the website of the Ocean Open University (OOU)(Université Internationale de la Mer). 


  • On this OOU website, you will be able to pay with a credit card, using a standard secure, online payment system.

    • Please note that a credit card is the only way to pay.

    • Unfortunately, we cannot accept bank transfers.

    • We cannot accept card numbers by phone

  • Follow the instructions on the OOU website.  It will take you through several pages; on each one you will enter information.

    • One of the pages asks you to choose the type of 'ticket'.  This concerns your category of participant.  Please see the Fees page here for details.

    • Please be careful to select the correct category.

    • If you are in a low- or middle-income economy, you will normally have been given a code to enter into the ticket selection page of the OOU.  Please see the Fees page here for details.  This code will give you a 20% reduction.

    • If you have been given a reduction code in error, please do not use it and let us know.

    • If you have not been given a code, but you think that you qualify, please be in touch by email before you attempt to pay.

    • Be sure to use the same name as the one that you used in your Application.

  • Registration is complete once (a) you have paid and (b) we have been able to verify that the payment has been received.

  • ​The payment system should normally provide you with immediate confirmation of payment and also send you your 'ticket' by email, which you can also download as a pdf file.

    • For your records, and in case of any problem, keep a copy of this confirmation (eg, screen capture), but do not include any card number.

  • Send your payment receipt details in a short email immediately after you have paid, but do not send any sensitive information, like credit card numbers, by email. 

    • Mention: First and FAMILY names, date of payment, amount in €, any other information.  We will acknowledge this email.

    • Send your email to uim.cagnes at gmail.c..  This email should only be used for payment matters, and not for inquiries about the School, programme or other matters of substance.

    • It may take a short while (up to three days) for payment to reach us and be verified.​

  • Once we have verified your payment you will get an email confirming full registration and enrolment in the School.

    • Be sure to keep an eye on your email in case we need to contact you urgently about any payment problems.

    • About 10 days before the start, you will get an email, with further information for participation.



As the summer school forms an organic whole, it requires that you participate for the full course.  Each part of the course feeds into the next, with culmination in debriefing sessions, which all participants are required to attend.  The course will be intensive, but short - the equivalent of two full days, spread over three days.  We also ask you to fill in the feedback form at the end , and another about one month later.

[In the face-to-face version of the School, no time would have been available to do sightseeing during the summer school.  We advised that you do this before or after the summer school.]



An official certificate of attendance will be provided for each participant who is present throughout the summer school and who fills out the feedback form.  Absence of any kind for any reason will disqualify you from receiving the certificate.  So please be sure that you will 'stay the course', that you will be present and actively involved throughout the two days of the course, including the debriefing and feedback.

 Sorry, the Oct 2020 session is full. 

 Applications are closed. 

 We are likely to run this again 

 in the Spring or Summer of 2021. 

 In the meanwhile, stay safe. 

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