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 International Summer School, Open Ocean University
The Mediterranean and climate change: Impacts, people, action
We recommend that you apply early as the number of places is limited and prices increase later.

Fees are determined by date of payment and by type of participant.  We have two payment periods and three categories of participant.


  1. Early bird registration.  Participants who register and pay on or before 23 Oct 2020 (midnight CET, Paris time) will benefit from the lower rates indicated below.

    • Earl-bird rates count from the date on which your fees are actually received by the university, not when you fill out your application form. 

    • To qualify for the early-bird rates, you need to apply at least two days before, so that we have time to examine your application and send you a notification of acceptance, and then you have time to go online and make the payment.

  2. Normal rateFor those who pay on or after 24 Oct, rates will increase.

Participant types

  1. Citizens (students, interested persons, retirees, unemployed)

  2. Professionals (researchers, PostDocs, teachers, civil servants, NGO members, QANGOs, association members, consultants, etc.)

  3. Business & industry (private companies and state entities, run as companies, eg, rail company, airline, oil company)


People in categories 1 and 2 will normally need to provide proof of status (e.g., copy of student, membership or professional card; an institutional email will usually work).


Participants whose main home is located in a low- or middle-income economy, as defined by the World Bank, can claim a 20% reduction in their fees.  Classifications will be found here


Applicants requesting a reduction must provide proof of residency at the time of application.  If an application does not contain such proof, the request for reduction will be disqualified automatically.  Students and people from low and middle income economies currently studying in France or Europe also need to provide proof of normal home (low- or middle-income) residency.  For example, a Moroccan student resident in France for the purposes of study, on a student visa, who has not applied for a long-term resident card in France, and intends to return to Morocco at the end of their studies, qualifies for a reduction.  A student (originally) from Morocco, with a long-term resident card or French citizenship does not qualify. 

When you apply, make sure that your request for a reduction is mentioned on the application form.  It will not be possible to ask for a reduction after registration.  A completed application form without reception of fees is not a registration.  For a registration to be valid, all fees must be paid and received.

Double participation.  We have been asked if you can participate in both sessions, A and B.  This is possible on condition that we still have space available after all single participations have been confirmed.  As the two sessions are likely to be rather different, you would certainly gain more experience and further insight by participating a second time.  Often, a second participation provides a good foil to the first.  The fee for a second participation is 50% of what you paid for your main participation.  Please let us know well in advance if you intend to do this as this changes your payment.


You will pay only after your application has been accepted.  An email will tell you when you should pay.  To know how to pay, go to the registration page.

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