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RE:  Special issue of Geoscience Communication on climate and ocean education

📣 CfP:  Call for articles is now open


👉 Invitation letter for potential contributors to the GC-special

Dear Colleague & fellow Geo-Educator

I hope that this finds you well.  Please forgive this impersonal letter; a large number of people have registered their interest in the special issue.

Thank you for registering your interest, via the google form.  (If you missed the google form, we would very much appreciate your leaving at least you name and contact details there.)


The two main steps are as follows:

1. 🛠 Prepare an outline.  This is one page or less to provide an idea of the manuscript (ms) that you would like to submit.  One of us, Guest Eds, will then be in touch with you.

2. ✍️ Prepare your ms.  After you have been given the green light to submit, you will then have time to write and submit your ms.  It will then be reviewed.  See the journal website to see how their open peer reviewing is done.

More on those steps in the Author Guide.  

Please also note the following:

Deadline.  No definite deadlines have yet been set as we do not wish to rush you.  However, we would very much like to receive your outline by the end of the summer of 2024, although this may be extended.  Think also that the earlier your article is published, the more likely it is of being cited by other authors.

📜 Reviewing.  When you submit your ms, you implicitly agree that we may call upon you to act as a reviewer of another ms.  This is not mandatory, but it would be highly appreciated.

📧 Emails:  Make sure that the subject line of your emails starts with GC-special, followed by your specific subject.

The CfP is here  It has several sections (pages):

·    A description of the aim and scope of the issue – GC-special

·    An incomplete list of methods in climate/ocean education - Approaches

·    Some references to publications on our theme - Refs

·    Guidelines for authors on how to submit - Author guide

·    Some important tips for clear writing - Writing guide

·    Editorial Board of the special issue - Guest Eds

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 We strongly recommend that you team up with colleagues to write a multi-author article.  These are generally of higher quality and you have greater chance of getting through the review process relatively unscathed 😞.

If you see anomalies or inconsistencies, please do not hesitate to point them out to me, here.  If you have references that you would like listed on the Refs page, please send the URL or the DOI – not the item itself.

If you have questions about suitability of your ms, or would just like to talk things over, please do not hesitate to say, and we can set up a time - if possible, on google meet (it seems to be the easiest video chat program to set up).  However, in case your answers are already in the web pages, please do look there first, including the two Editorials, listed on the Author guide page.

🎧 I look forward to hearing from you.

🌴 Happy writing, best wishes, david (lead guest ed)

📬 crookall dot consulting at gmail

PS - If you go to the EGU General Assembly 2023, in Vienna,, be sure to go to SC3.6, ‘How do I make my geoscience communication publishable? – A drop-in ‘clinic’ with the Geoscience Communication editors.

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