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Below are listed people and organisations that have in one way or another helped with this special issue.  EGI is a federation of computing and storage resource providers united by a mission to support research and development.  Faculty for a Future works to champion academic practices that embrace and embody the crucial need for societal transformation.  If you feel a duty of care over Earth’s colliding social and environmental crises and want your work to better meet them, check out our resources for ideas on how you might transform your research, educational practices, or engagement.

GC Editorial BoardEditorial Board of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) journal Geoscience Communication.  Particularly warm thanks go to Solmaz Mohadjer.  Sustainable Online Presence, a new learning and experience website, designed to present, inform and teach solutions for digital productivity.  Ecotone Digital helps busy professionals with all their digital and online presence needs.  J D Furlong, Digital marketing and engagement specialist, director of RadPlanet Friendly Industries




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